"There's nothin' like having the right tool."
– Jagg Proverb

Jagg Tools


Looped T-Handle Hex Key Tool

Looped T-handle Hex Key Tool for assembly/disassembly of Jagg Oil Filter Adapters. Tool features 6" blade. Durable and handy as a hip pocket.

TL T-HAND 5/32: $4.95 each

Oil Filter Strap Wrench

Simply one of the easiest oil filter wrenches to use. Engineered to access oil filter for removal around almost any obstacle. Use with any 1/2" drive ratchet or 3/4" wrench. Takes virtually no space in the toolbox or the saddlebag.

P/N: 08-0069: $10.95 each

Jagg SuperTape

Don't be fooled by common flat silicone tapes. Jagg SuperTape is 20mil thick virgin silicone, self-fusing, tapered from the center-out for greater sealing characteristics, and rated at a full 950PSI tensile strength.

Properly installed, Jagg SuperTape provides a moisture-free permanent seal around hoses, fittings, tubes and electrical connections. Insulates 8000 Volts, resists temperatures up to 500ºF, fuels, oils, acids, solvents, salt-water, road salt, UV rays...everything short of Kryptonite.

If you're looking for an item no toolbox or saddlebag should be without...
...Jagg SuperTape to the RESCUE!

1" x 0.020 (20 mil) x 6' tapered roll (color: black)

P/N: TAPE1X20T: $12.95 (6' roll)